Use Case:
Doc Packaging:  How can we take separate document templates and merge them into one file (a doc package) and then send that file to an external source (customer, vendor, etc.)?

Consulting Reply:
You should attempt to merge your templates together into one master template instead of different templates.  You can also take advantage of conditional merge sections in case there are parts of the master template you would not included based on a condition in the record.  RS Documents doesn’t have a function to merge multiple already merged documents together.  We have built this type of function for some other customers that has been custom since each scenario has typically been unique.  Let us know if you are interested in us building a custom function for this.  We would want to look at your use case and design the solution and code to work for that.  You can build something yourself or another developer you are working with.  Nothing quite out of the box but RS Documents can achieve the merging of each document, at which point you need to track the merge of those documents are complete, then a process to merge them all together.  As far as sending them, not sure if you mean by email or ftp, but we can help build this out if you would like.  We charge $175/hour for our consulting services and we can estimate hours for this task.