If you would like to speed up your initial implantation process and/or would like a general training session on how to use the RS Documents app core functionality in Salesforce, we offer live training sessions over screen-share at $95/hour. We suggest to start with a 1-3 hour support training package. You can specify the amount of on-boarding hours you would like when submitting the payment form: Purchase On-Boarding Hours Here.

Onboarding Training Sessions may include:

  1. Install the App from AppExchange
  2. Authorize the App with your Google Drive.
  3. Create Google Docs Template
    • Review sharing & permission setting options for Google Docs.
  4. Create Document Action 
    • Review fields and optional configurations in document action.
  5. Review Template Builder 
    • Merge few example data fields from your base object into Google Docs Template.
  6. Create Custom Button
    • And add custom button to your object page layout.
  7. Test Document Generation
    • See document get generated and attached to your Salesforce record (for example).
  8. Review any other questions
    • If you would prefer more of a full service implementation or help with advanced configurations like automation and/or want to discuss process improvement, we have a great team of Salesforce Consultants at Ramsey Solutions that are very familiar with our RS Documents app. You can contact them directly here to scope out details and they charge $175/hour.