1. If you would like to to batch create more than 20 documents at one time, you will need to “Enable” the batch mode (by default it is set to “Disabled”):
    1. Go Setup > Develop> Visualforce Pages > ManageBatchMode > Preview
    2. Click ‘Enable Batch Mode’ button
    3. NOTE: Once a specific Salesforce user enables batch mode, the user cannot be disabled or changed otherwise batch mode will not succeed.
  2. Using the “Document Request” custom object, you can view the status of all batch documents in queue.
    1. You can bulk generate as many documents as you would like at one time with whichever automation process you choose and our app successfully processes about 20 every two minutes then moves to the next 20 in queue.
  3. On the Document Request object, there is a Status field that will start as “New” and then will change to “Completed” or “Error.” If there is an error message then the error message will be populated in the Error Message Field. 

    NOTE: This batch mode feature is not currently available using “Developer” Salesforce edition.