1. Click on RS Documents Configuration tab by clicking on the more tabs + symbol at top.
      1. Go to edit “User” page layout, find custom field “Authorise for all Salesforce Users” and add it to the page layout.
      2. Then go to the Salesforce user (usually a system admin user) that you would like to have authorize the Google Drive for all users and click “edit” to modify the settings. Find the related field and check the box. Then click “save.”
      3. Now have this same Salesforce user go to RS Documents Configuration tab to authorize the Google Drive that will now be used for all users. After this is done, no other Salesforce user will need to authorize their own drive and all generated documents will go to the same Google Drive.
      4. If you need assistance with these steps or already authorized your Google Drive account under a wrong user or need to delete any previous google drive authorization tokens, you can submit a case to Support. When submitting case, confirm that all prior google drive authorizations can be removed and specify which Salesforce user will be authorizing the google account for all users and we will check the related field for you. Authorize the App with Google account you would like to use with RS Documents. Each RS Documents user will have to authorize their own google drive in order to use the app or if you would like to authorize one Google Drive account for all your Salesforce users to use when generating documents, this is also an option. To do this:
    • NOTE: If you receive an error message when authorizing your Google Drive which refers to”Error: redirect_uri_mismatch” with custom domain, please go to AppExchange to upgrade your app package version to latest available. After you upgrade your package version, then proceed back to RS Documents Configuration tab to authorize app with your chosen google drive account.
  2. Now you want to add your RS Documents custom tabs to your Lightning Page Layout:
    • Setup > Apps > App Manager then on far right, select “Edit” on the “Lightning” line item.
    • Navigate to the “Select Items” tab. Then add the “Document Actions”, “Document Requests” and “RS Documents Configuration” from the list of “Available Items” to the list of “Selected Items” (and then organize your tabs how you prefer them there).
  3. Now you may continue through steps listed in main documentation, beginning with How to Create  Google Docs File.