1. Log in to your Google Drive. Click “New” button and select Google Docs:NewDocFromDrive
  2. Or go directly to Google Docs. Click “+” in the bottom right corner:GoogleDocNewDoc
    Note: during this step you are not required to create final formatted version of the template. You will be able to edit,  format, and merge fields onto the template directly in the template builder.
  3. Save Google Docs document ID to clipboard (or keep in open in a separate tab, you will need it in next step):
    1. It’s listed in Google Docs URL after “document/d/” and before closing “/” (do not include “/” in the beginning and in the end)
  4. Set Google Docs sharing setting of the document based on desired access level you wish to give people in your company to this template:
    1. Click on “Share” button at the top right corner of the screen:ShareButtonGoogleDocs
    2. Click “Advanced”:
    3. By default the access level will be set to “Private – Only you can access”. You can keep the setting as private if you are the only person who needs to have access to the template and generate documents. If others need to be able to access template to generate documents, you need to change document access level. Click “Change”: 
    4. On the next screen you can select who should have access to the document and what is the access level:
      ***you can learn more about Google Docs sharing settings here.