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Use Case: Does app have functionality to set the width or height of an image being merged into a google doc?

Full Use Case:
Does RS Documents have functionality to set the width or height of an image being merged into a google doc?

We do not currently have the functionality to set the width or height of an image being merged into a google doc. What we have is that if you are merging child records within a table, then if you are merging images from those child records, image will be resized to fit cell width. If you are interested in helping pay for this feature to be developed, please contact support.

Use Case: Using RS Documents with RS Signature app, want to refer to multiple eSign links in the same email template.

Full Use Case:
Can multiple merged documents be sent in 1 email?    And if so, would there be 1 document (comprised of several merged documents) with multiple places to sign (1 for each document)? Or if that is not possible, can one email contain several documents with an eSign link for each?

Consulting Reply: 
There are some options to achieving this. But requires some configuration. Nothing strait out of the box. Do you want to send documents for eSign sure or just PDFs? We would suggest that you combine your documents into one template and send one for signature. I’m not sure what your use case is why you need separate documents sent and signed. You can use conditional merge sections to include things or not if needed in the one template and page breaks.

Or you can create a process to generate multiple google docs and save the google doc url to fields on the record. Then maybe automate creating eSign doc records then creating some VisualForce email template to send one email with all related eSign links. It is possible to create this process just need to develop it. We can help create it if you want at $175 per hour as a consulting service, please submit free case to support to put you in touch with consulting team.

Use Case: I would like to mass print multiple documents at once.

If you solely need to print the generated document and do not need to attach to record or email it, we suggest to configure document action to only download the google doc rather than also “attach file to record,” or “download” copy to your computer and make sure the box “delete google doc after merge” is not checked. Then you can open the generated google doc (either from quick google doc URL link on Salesforce record or from your Google drive), and print from there.

If you are doing some mass printing, you can save all the google docs generated into a specific google drive folder then you can mass print those google docs. You can use a Google Drive sync app to your computer to print from the folder on the computer it syncs to. Or you can check all the google docs in a folder and then mass export them to a zip file of PDFs then extract that zip file and mass print all the PDFs.

Error Message: “Error while creating new document. Error getting access token. Error description: Token has been expired or revoked”

Full Error Message: 
“Error while creating new document. Error message: Error getting access token. Error: invalid_grant. Error description: Token has been expired or revoked”
1. You may be getting this error message when trying to generate a document and your Salesforce custom domain name has changed or you have a new server instance (example NA18).
2. Go to RS Documents Configuration tab and click “grant access” to reauthorize app and google drive.
3. From there see if you receive an error message referring to “Error: redirect_uri_mismatch” please copy/paste the full error message and email it to so we can add your updated custom domain/server instance to our approved list of URLs.
4. After your custom domain URL has been added by support, you can continue with authorization and document generation.
NOTE: If you did not see an error message when going to RS Documents Configuration tab, please submit a free case to support with the error message, your Salesforce org ID and your detailed steps for Support to recreate the error message once logged in (grant login access to Ramsey Solutions).

Error: Google server is down – Google is unresponsive offline

Full Error Message:
Google 502. That’s and error. The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request. Please try again in 30 seconds.

Screenshot of error coming from Google Server (will have Google logo at top):

If you see an error message that is coming from Google, their server may be temporarily down and you need to wait a little while to see if error/server resolves itself. If you want to check if there are Google server outages, use this link: You will see an orange dot visible if there is a server outage which you can click on for more detail.

Use Case: Conditional Table Merge for Related List Items

Full Use Case:
An invoice is going to be generated from the Opportunity object, and it will include the OpportunityLineItems, however, we’d like to show sets of opportunity line items in the invoice; something like the following:

Opportunity Name: XXX
Account Name: XXX
Products (Showing the OppLineItems that have Product01 only)
<Table with details here>
Different Products (Showing the OppLineItems that have Product02 only)
<Table with different details here>
How can I acheive this use case with RS Documents? 
Consulting Reply:
1) You should create a table for each product category to merge the OppLineItem related list and create a filter of that related list based on your condition. Then build a separate table to merge another related list of OppLineItem that would have a different condition.
2) If by chance you are merging invoice from a record that has no values to merge and you do not want the table or title of table to be visible then you need a conditional section around each table and some field you can use for that conditional merge section. Then you can create rollup fields on the Opportunity to provide a count for each product category.  Then create a formula/checkbox field to be TRUE if the rollup field is greater than 0.  And use that field as the condition for the conditional section.

Use Case: Is it possible to print full name name label with 3 separate columns (pulling from 3 separate related list fields) on same google doc?

Full Use Case:
When I generate my document to print name label for 3 separate contacts (from 3 separate related list merge fields into one table on one record), the names are merging but it’s printing them 3 times instead of once. Why is that happening and how to resolve?

Consulting Reply:
RS Documents app only merge related lists with one record per row, and not repeating horizontal.  Conga might be able to solve your use case. We could consider adding a feature to support this for a fee, if you are interested then contact


Use Case: Automate Job to Mass Delete Salesforce Attachments from Salesforce records

Full Use Case:
I am using email feature with RS Documents and want to be able send generated document as PDF attached in email though don’t want to store the PDF on Salesforce record as this will use up my storage. Rather than manually deleting attachments from records, is there an automated job to setup an auto or mass delete?

Consulting Reply: 
To to set up the job you would write and APEX class that could query for attachments that are related to email/task records and any other logic to filter attachments you want such as an email subject. Then delete them. And schedule APEX class to run once a day for example. If you would like our consulting team to configure this process for you, contact support.

Another workaround to avoid attachments in Salesforce would be to send the generated document as a link to google doc within email (which end user can then export to a PDF format if needed). That way you are not using attachments at all and don’t need to worry about deleting them.